Big Chop- April 27th 2016!!


Top Left Picture: When my hair was it’s healthiest

2nd Left picture: Heat damage, color damage, split ends

3rd Left: The day I made the decision to cut my hair

Right Picture: MY BIG CHOP!

April 27th 2016 was the day I made a huge decision to chop off all my damaged hair and stat over with a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA). Honestly it was the best decision I have ever made. Initially I was scared because I thought I would look less attractive, I would be insecure with myself & I even thought my relationship could potentially end because I wouldn’t look the same… Yes I went that far into over-thinking lol! But after listening to a song by #India.Arie “I am not my Hair ft. Akon” the lyrics really spoke to me. She explains in the song how she grew up being this young black girl who had tried everything with her hair basically trying to fit in with the world. She went Flat, Jheri curl, Dreadlocks, you name it. She goes on to explain that by the age of 18 she went completely natural because she was looking for the woman that she TRUELY is inside. After she cut every last deadlock off she “looked in the mirror and saw that I AM NOT MY HAIR, I AM NOT THIS SKIN, I AM THE SOUL THAT LIVES WITHIN!”. These words personally gave me strength because I understood exactly what India.Arie was going through at this point in her life. After listening to the song I was able to think past what the world wants us naturally kinky-haired girls to think about our hair, our skin, our confidence, our appearance and so much more. I was able to understand that at the end of the day that, what is on top of my head is just HAIR…and thats all. Nothing more and nothing less.It will not make or break me, and cutting it off does not define who I am. I wanted to start my natural hair journey but I knew I had to cut off my hair and let go of the ropes that I let define who I was in the past. So what did I do? I walked into a Deva Curl Certified salon and I let the hair stylist know exactly what I had been going through with my hair, and I let her know exactly what I wanted to do about it. The next thing I knew I was staring at chunks of poofy curls on the floor…After my cut was finished the stylist turned me toward the mirror and I can’t express how happy I truly was to find out I not only loved my new cut, I loved how empowered I felt within myself. I felt like more of an attractive women than I have ever felt in my life. It was the greatest feeling, and I will always remember that day. I walked out of that salon so proud & so thankful to know that India.Arie was right, I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within! Thanks for reading! I hope that I have inspired atleast just one beautiful queen to find her inner magic. Keep glowing love!



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