Fine Curly Hair!

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Not every natural curly girl has thick coarse hair. I personally have a whole lot of thin strands of hair. No this doesn’t mean I have damaged hair, this just simply means my strands of hair are fine instead of coarse. Discovering that I am a fine curly-haired gal, has helped me so much during my natural hair journey. I must find hair products that are super lightweight and do not contain a lot of heavy oils. I also must treat my hair very delicately especially when detangling. CONDITIONER ALL THE WAY! is my motto. The more conditioner the better the slip when I am coming out my hair. This in result means less hair shedding in the shower. Deep conditioning is a must at least once a week & protective styling such as twist outs & braid outs are to be kept as minimum as possible. I personally grow my hair much faster when my hair is at it’s most natural state. This means my Wash N Go’s are my primary styling techniques because their is little manipulation with my hair strands with wash n go’s. Although I have restarted my natural hair journey in April of 2016, the process is always continuing! Thanks for reading beautiful!

                                                                       Love & Light -Asia 


3 thoughts on “Fine Curly Hair!

    1. I personally try to keep braids outs/twist outs as minimum as possible. My hair volume is so much smaller especially with braid outs. But I did discover a great technique for my twistouts. I comb out my hair basically into a fro and then twist down my hair with a leave in. I used to start my twist outs fresh out of the shower while my hair was dripping wet but I noticed when I start my twist outs on dry hair that I have much more volume which is what I love!

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