5 Tips for Curly Hair

fullsizerender-2-jpg01. Drink Water! ugh …I know what your thinking, everybody says the same thing… but compare your hair to a plant. Plants need water, nutrients and a whole lot of patience in order to grow. And the same goes for your hair. If you drink water and wet your hair throughout the week your hair is able to retain much more moisture.

2. Protective Styling, is not always the best way to go. I have found that when my hair is at it’s natural state it appears to grow much faster.

3. Oils, Everyone’s hair is different. Different curl patterns, coils, and textures. So finding the right oil truly comes from trial & error. I have found that coconut oil is very lightweight yet does the trick! It leaves my hair soft, shiny, and smelling tropical.

4. Trimming, Regularly trimming your hair is so important I can’t stress that enough. At some point in our hair journey our ends tend to become old, weak, dry or brittle through everyday styling, weather changes, hair manipulation, hair coloring etc. Trim about an 1 inch-2inches every 6-8 weeks.

5. Patience, is the KEY! Nobody’s hair grows overnight or even dramatically in just one year’s worth of time. Hair growth takes a lot of time, care, patience, and loyalty. So enjoy your Big chop, enjoy your ear length cut, enjoy your awkward phase, enjoy your TWA while you have it! Because if your taking good care of your hair, the growth will come.


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